Jules Artvan (artvan)

watercolour and pen images inspired by the use of image, symbol, pattern and text in social media

isolation papers
A collection of decorative pairs of love cats in isolation, this time.

another head
I seem to have painted a lot of pictures featuring human bodies and animal heads.

50 fifty
a series of naked portraits with interactive patterns of a fifty year old self

For some time now patterns have been invading my drawings, decorative infestations

and other words
Line drawings that incorporate signs, symbols and other words to a greater degree.

totally naked baby
From Titian to amateur porno, images inspired by the nude.

Often migrants, sometimes politicians, or a face from the news that has caught my eye, occasionally family.

of nature
Sometimes a natural illustration, sometimes a still life, sometimes just something that made me smile, or sad.

invasive patterns
Taking wallflower a step further and, like 50 fifty, letting the pattern invade the subject, obscuring the subject in parts.

other peoples art
works inspired by or in homage to existing and sometimes famous works of art.

Muted Models
A set of paintings in which the model is limited in communication.

kiss touch
inspired by intimacy and love, and beauty and lust too.

the patterns are advancing, conquering the page slowly.

Light Reading
For reading at night

Art Journal
Sketches and ideas in my notebooks and diaries.

Pinched in Places
Watercolour collage of a figure using different angle of the figure to create pinched and distorted figures.

    Building, cities, and more.

    Jules@StoryDots (Jules)

    Erotic short stories, original artworks and links to my favourite online erotica.

    Tales inspired by online (and other) writing prompts in which I have tried to subvert the suggested idea.

    Short conversations about the regulars of the finest pub in south London, Aesops Playground, featuring erotic stories told by my dear friend Martha.

    I am attracted to stories that develop the characters in unusual situations. I only list stories I recommend.

    Before Disney, folk tales were for both adult and child. In these stories I have reclaimed the fairy tale for adults, some in their original setting, some modernised. Enjoy!

    A collection of the websites I browse when looking for good online erotic stories, when I find a good story I will list it directly in another list.

    Little more than a flash, so to speak, a momentary diversion to make you think, mmn.