Erotic short stories, original artworks and links to my favourite online erotica.

Try before you trust

Barak was in again last night, sitting at the second best table in Aesop’s Playground, next to Sally, playing the dutiful couple.  They are sometimes a beautiful couple; in the moments they forget their surroundings they are clearly attuned to the other’s thoughts and desires.  But much of the time they spent sitting at their little round table in this the finest pub in South London, they are all-too-conscious of others watching them.  Barak monitors Sally, he sweeps his eyes about the pub to see who is looking at them.  Sally pretends to engage Barak but she too sweeps her eyes about the pub seeing who is looking at them.  Barak is trying to work out which of them is her friends, Sally is trying to... Read more...

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