Better Beans and Bacon in Peace

I noticed, when I sauntered into the Playground in the casual, debonair manner I like to effect, that Edie and Ant were sitting in the small booth hidden behind the door.  It was the third time I had noticed the pair there in the last week but before that I hadn’t seen them in our pub for at least a month if not two.  Their heads were close, their bodies were leaning towards each other in anticipation.  I felt an urge, as everyone does, to be a voyeur to their excitement, be it that of new lovers or that of a secret being told.  In a way being new lovers is very much like learning a new secret.  

While we have chosen our table for the view it affords us of the other tables, the small booth at the door is out of our line of sight.  It is out of sight of pretty much all the pub other than the when walking in, and then the people sitting in the small booth can see the shadows on the frosted glass before the patrons come into sight.... Read more...

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