Clever Grethel

There was a cocotte named Grethel who wore shoes with red rosettes and when she walked out with them on, she turned this way and that and thought: "You certainly are a pretty girl."

Grethel could do this as she, like many young women, was blessed with the kind of beauty that could turn the head of an old man.  Hers was a limited beauty, her figure was slim and her smile engaging. Her face may have been plain but she was practised at the art of sultry, sexy, fluid movements that gave the old man a hint that if he were indeed a very well behaved old man, he may be lucky enough for her to offer him a little more than a glimpse of her red rosettes.

Grethel may have been accomplished at the art of seduction but she was not complacent, she knew there were many young women ready to step into her red rosette shoes.  So she would put on her red rosette and her black dress and promenade about the pool as if she were stepping out on the high street for... Read more...

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