The King at the Door

Manuel watched him.  He stood at the door looking away from the door.  His hands behind his back, gently clasped together.  His gaze across the street towards the park, the green parrots flitting between the tall green trees.  The trees were a much darker green than the parrots. He behaved like a king even when he was incognito.  He simply waited with patience as he knew, although it may take a while, everyone always follows the word of a king.

Manual turned his eyes across to Bathsheba.  She was still bathing as she did every day at this time.  She knew he would be arriving at her door, Manuel had told her to expect him.  She knew who was at her door but she did not hurry. She stood and let the water run off her.  She let the cool dry evening air caress her beautiful naked body, for she was beautiful. The gentle curve on her body implied a fine balance between opulence and necessity.  A physically strong woman who was... Read more...

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