The gods help them who help themselves

“Well, are you going to tell us about it?”

“You know, what happens on girls’ night stays on girls’ night.”

“Thornton has already told us what happened so it is only fair to let you tell your side of the incident.”

“Well, Thornton should have kept his hands off the honey pot.  Though perhaps a better metaphor would be to comparing him to the waggoner stuck in the mud and mire putting his shoulder to the wheel as Hercules advised..”

Thornton’s flaw is his boastful virile youth.  The boy has a good enough face, nothing particularly glorious, not like his body.  He works on his body, if you need to talk to him and he ain’t answering his phone, then the place to look is the gym.  School had been his glory days. He was admired for his sporting prowess, on the pitch he was confident and commanding and backed up with the other c of competent made him the... Read more...

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