On the Bus by Jules

You can take the bus home.  You can hear someone talking loudly on their phone but the words they broadcast will evaporate and turn into noise with no more meaning than the birds in the trees.  Except when there is a rude word, and you might take notice for a moment, might think how uncouth. Or perhaps you will not think about it at all. You may have headphones in your ear as you watch the lives of others on your phone.  Even if you do not have headphones you may still miss the quiet conversation in the seats in front of you.


He was sitting looking out of the window, a bag on the seat next to him even though the bus was quite full.  

She cast her eye about the bus, settling on him.

“Sorry, could you move the bag?”

“Oh sure.”

He smiles at her.  He engages her. It encourages her to ask a question about the bag.

“That is an interesting logo, what is...

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