The Kid with the Honey and the Bear

"She is there again. "

Crimson didn't say anything.

"The kid with the jar of honey. "

Still Crimson remained silent.  I looked over at her ironing her jeans wearing only her wifebeater.  My eyes lingered on the curves of her ass. She regularly does housework in various stages of undress.  Simply, if she notices something needs doing she likes to get it done, and if she happens to be getting out the shower when she thinks of it then she will do it naked.  Then, if she happens to be vacuuming naked, she might decide to sit down and watch the end of the TV show she fell asleep in the night before. Still naked, as long as she isn't cold she often doesn't trouble herself with clothes at all on a weekend day at home.

I am not like that.

I very seldom do things without sitting down and making a plan.  Sure, I might pick up the towel that has fallen off the rail but if I notice my... Read more...

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