He was a winner.  Standing there, legs outspread, arms aloft soaking in the adulation.  They loved him, at that moment they all loved him, every single one of them.  The majority of them wanted to be him, the remainder wanted to fuck him. I wanted to fuck him.  My seat was near the players entrance, I had a press pass, I was going to use it to corner him, to fuck him.  

There is nothing like it, that moment in extra time when the home team scores the winning goal and the crowd around you erupts.  Mass hysteria. And any grumbles about player’s attitude vanishes. Any any aches and pains from sitting in silence for so long are healed.  And your wife is forgiven for leaving and taking the children, and the house, and she is even forgiven for burning your programme collection 2005 to 2010.  In that moment everything is right in the world.

In that moment I get an overwhelming desire in my loins, I want to touch myself, I... Read more...

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